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Developing An Instinctual Ability To Optimise At Every Turn

Imagine you couldn’t go wrong. Imagine no matter which choices you made, you’d always wind up in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity. Imagine you had such a handle on the flow of events you could always instinctively detect the optimal way to go at every turn without even thinking about it.

Imagine you possessed supernatural intelligence in your belly that always guided you right.

And all you had to do for it to work every time was to stop obfuscating the messages from within by thinking about everything so much all the time, to allow yourself to disengage from that level of mentation momentarily to allow the intuitive messages through loud and clear.

Wouldn’t it be grand to allow your mind to take a vacation and simply trust yourself to always be in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity.

The only downside to that would be it getting a bit samey always moving smoothly from one satisfying scenario to the next.

So to give the action some dynamics you’d simply have to mess up the picture from time to time, to confuse yourself and make it seem you’d lost your way, just so you could feel the exhilarating sensation of survival fear coursing through your veins. That would give the play sufficient edge to keep your attention engaged, wouldn’t it.

Well that’s pretty much how it is when you strip away all the theatrical devices and expose the bare bones of the mechanics subtending the warp and weft of everyday reality.

You are, beneath your disguise as an everyday person in the everyday world, a god or goddess in human form – you are the Tao in motion disguised as a human being – and as such do know exactly which move to make from moment to moment. However you block that by getting stuck in the front of your brain with its endless commentary and debate on how well or badly you perceive yourself to be doing as you wend your way along the path.

As soon as you stop all that – as soon as you draw the point from which you’re observing reality back into the midbrain so the forebrain goes instantly quiet, you are privy to all the information in the universe and no longer need rely on satnav to avoid the traffic or on the weather forecast to know how many layers to wear before leaving the house.

You instinctively know exactly what to do and how to do it from moment to moment.

If you find that hard to believe try this simple existential experiment: repeat no less than six times in a row, with gusto and conviction, “I am always in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity,” and if that doesn’t unleash a slew of happy moments of extreme serendipity for you, I’ll eat my shoes.

May you benefit from extreme serendipity today and tonight and the results be stupendous.

Love, Doc

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