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Developing Peace And Patience

Manifesting things is just a game you’re playing. But it’s not life itself. It’s not the reason you’re here. You’re not here to manifest things. You’re here to enjoy being here and that’s so the Tao, which expresses itself through you, can enjoy itself in your body and mind. So from that point of view the gap between setting something in motion and its coming to fruition is unimportant because you don’t really care how long something takes. You know everything happens in its own time. You know that you manifesting things isn’t the point of being here, that the point of being here is to enjoy it so life can enjoy itself through you. And that instils patience in you, not as a virtue but as a default state of being. What’s there to grow impatient over? You already have the joy of feeling the joy of the Tao in you. You already have the greatest prize of all – why would you need to rush anything?

However you’re human and like everyone else suffer from your unenlightened moments from time to time – moments you get caught up worrying whether what you want really ever will come to pass, as if its coming to pass was the actual point of your life. You get confused. And this is especially so when waiting for something really big to manifest, as really big things often take longer to squeeze through the gap between the worlds.

Press down on the notch in the bone at the base of the throat, the notch in the uppermost edge of your breastbone in the middle – your supraclavicular fossa – as if intending to draw the bone down towards your feet a millimetre or two.

This instantly clears the mind, restores the perspective and increases the patience levels.

Use it today, tonight or over the weekend at any time you’re losing your patience with life, with yourself or with others and you’ll be delighted with its ability to reset you so your natural ebullience can once again rise to the fore.

Wish: your natural ebullience rises to the fore and draws you along a whole new unexpected adventure stream now.

Love, Doc

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