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Developing the golden touch

Don’t be fooled for an instant. Just because everything around you may feel familiar and somehow strangely the same as usual, it’s actually never been this way before. The precise configuration of atoms comprising your existence in all its myriad aspects right now has never been in this exact configuration and never will be again.

In fact any semblance of stability or even continuity is merely a trick of the light, an illusion. A very clever one, mind you, or we’d never be able to focus long enough on anything to even be able to write or read this.

However, it is all far more mutable than you imagine, this reality of ours, and as any quantum physicist, let alone mystic will tell you, it’s entirely susceptible to human thought, provided that thought is channelled with sufficient focus and intent.

For instance, were you to visualize your right (or dominant) hand suddenly, mysteriously glowing brighter and brighter, emitting a distinctly golden light, until you were able to project a golden light beam of such intensity it would make anything you touched turn golden, and if, furthermore, you were to visualize yourself touching each aspect of your life in turn and imbuing it with this golden light, you would find on coming out of the visualization and back into the everyday world, that everything you touched, as in applied yourself to, would indeed be imbued with golden essence and would come out just right, in the most unexpected, elegant and mysterious way – today, I mean.

Love, Doc

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