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Difficult or easy

Assuming you have a vision, broadly speaking, of what you want to achieve in your life and what you want to achieve today to help it along, you then have a choice from day to day and even moment to moment, of whether to create the path difficult or create it easy. Because both options are always fully available to you and you’re always free to choose between them – and furthermore, the way you choose it is inevitably the way it will be – of that, there’s no doubt.

If, for instance, it’s currently difficult for you achieving your goals, that’s because at a deep level, you’ve chosen it to be. By accessing that level and changing the choice to easy, you’ll subsequently manifest that in real time instead.

I’m presuming you’re seriously swayed to choose the easy option.

And if I’m correct about that, I suggest without delay, addressing the Tao of your life with absolute sincerity of heart and tell it, ‘I choose to activate my unlimited success easily, effortlessly, enjoyably, miraculously and without delay now.’ You’ll probably feel the need to repeat it about six times so you can truly feel the sincerity in your heart informing each word.

And once you’re satisfied you’ve transmitted your intention with sufficient power, exhale deeply with a relaxing sigh, let the whole thing go and carry on with your day.

You can expect a palpable shift of feeling tone and lubrication levels in the engine of your earthly affairs almost instantaneously.

May you be veritably astounded today by the lubrication levels of your reality.

Love, B

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