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Discovering The Power Of Primordial Silence

Many years ago when I was involved in a wee cross-cultural healing process in the Middle East, I was taken as a special treat to a cave in a forest outside of Jerusalem, a cave connected with some famous prophet or other, whose name now escapes me, never having really been one for remembering names in the Bible, a cave renowned for its sound: absolute silence, which you’d imagine as having no sound whatsoever and you’d be wrong, just as I was, because it turns out the actual sound of silence is really very loud, so loud in fact it weighs down on you like the noise of a thousand alien spaceships coming in to land.

It fills not only your ears but your brain and all crevices in your body and has the most sobering, mind-stilling effect imaginable. In fact it is all but impossible to think at all with the weight of that silence bearing down on you.

Naturally I can’t transmit that sound to you aurally so I’m hoping to be able to convey it to you by description alone. The interesting thing about it, is though I’d never heard such silence before, the sound was entirely familiar to me, as if my subconscious mind had been aware of its presence beneath the noise of the world and my thoughts, all the while.

It is the sound at the heart of the universe, I propose and the one, the yogis called shabd, the sacred sound of existence, which chanting om is meant to replicate.

They spend lifetimes devoted to paying close enough attention to hear the shabd in the midst of the humdrum.

So, visualize yourself in a cave in which the sound of silence is as loud as a thousand alien spaceships coming in to land. Imagine that sound going on deep at the very core of your being, radiating along your spine and outwards from there to fill your whole body and if you catch it just right, you’ll feel yourself suddenly imbued with a strange and wondrous power. I wouldn’t presume to attempt to describe the power of the Tao so have a go and see or hear if you can access it yourself.

I wish you imbued today with the power to fulfil even your wildest dreams.

Love, Doc

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