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Disengaging Your Internalized Slave-Driver

Stop rushing. I’m telling myself as much as I’m telling you. Where is this internal slave-driver? Who is it? Why is it? And why is it we’re so held enthralled by it?

The slave-driver is obviously imaginary, yet feels real enough. He/she sits on your shoulder like a sadistic monkey, driving you on and on. He/she is a composite of dominant parent/s, teachers, older siblings and so on, created from a young age and compounded over the years. He/she is there, or rather we put him/her there to stop ourselves slacking so much we can’t stay in the game of everyday life any longer.

We’re held so enthralled by him/her because that was the unconscious agreement we made with ourselves when we first created him/her, otherwise what would have been the point? Useless being a slave-driver no one obeys.

So what can be done about it?

Absolutely nothing.

Is the situation hopeless then?

Not at all.

Instead of driving yourself like slave, drive yourself like a top of the line Mercedes – nice and smooth, with all the power you need when you need it, fully computerised, hence absolutely accurate as you shift a little to the left, a little to the right as you cruise smoothly along the Great Thoroughfare.

Be respectful to yourself. Take breaths. Take breathers. Take stock. Do all three regularly and frequently if only for moments at a time.

Retain perspective: life is over in a trice. Don’t waste it driving yourself like a slave.

On the other hand reach full potential. Achieve this by intending to do this.

Choose to relax in the midst of activity and by relaxing be excellent.

It’s that simple.

Wish: it all comes so easily and effortlessly, so enjoyably and smoothly today, you hardly believe your own senses.

Love, Doc

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