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Dispelling nerves about a situation and manifesting an outcome you want

When you feel nervous about the outcome to a situation you’re facing, start by remembering that all situations, all the people comprising all situations, your experience and interpretation of the situation and you, yourself, are all merely the Tao throwing shapes on life’s dance floor.

Then speak to the Tao informing it all and tell it you love it.

Open yourself to knowing the Tao loves you back and is throwing all shapes merely as an expression of its absolute love for you, no matter how grisly the way that shows up at times.

Then rather than dwell on fearful pictures, dare to see the outcome you actually want, which generally comprises you looking and feeling safe, sound, secure, delighted, satisfied, elated, successful, sorted, healthy, vibrant and victorious.

See it, merely by imagining it – you don’t have to try and believe it, merely seeing it is enough to trigger it into manifestation in the fullness of time, however unlikely this appears to your rational mind at the moment.

I wish you the facility for overriding your rational mind long enough to see the outcome you want and so manifest it today.

Love, D

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