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Distraction with externals

All of us are essentially in a state of mortal dread yet on the surface of things how we all put on a great show and make the whole thing look easy, like the pros we are. And we do that by distracting ourselves with externals. And in fact all human activity aside from essential survival tasks amounts to a grand distraction from our mortality.

So then if we look at the various objects of desire we cherish in the external realm, which tend to come under two main headings, greed for money and lust for sex, and then look behind these to the sensation or experience we crave and which we imagine fulfillment of desire for wealth, romance (the fiction of love), sex and so on will bring us, I imagine we could nub it down as follows:

You want to feel delivered, found, safe and sound – you want to feel you belong (in a situation or set-up you can be long in), you want to be seen, acknowledged and accepted – you want to viscerally feel the connection to the generative source of your own being and all existence – you want to feel the majesty of the Tao in your veins and bone marrow. And you want to feel your presence here is worthwhile and appreciated. You want to feel loved.

Add or subtract items as you will, but I think you’d agree no aspect of that is something you couldn’t access at will from within.

That’s what happens anyway when the externals conspire to stimulate these feelings within you.

But you don’t need an influx of money to stimulate feeling safe, sound, free and found, for instance, you merely need to instruct your omniscient subconscious to generate and amplify the desired feelings and within 24 hours you’ll be feeling it.

What happens then, is the externals are spontaneously drawn into a coalescence that precisely mirrors your state and an influx of money will occur of itself.

The ancient Taoists merely knew how to put things in the right order to prevent wastage of energy and time.

Adjust the internal state at will, and the external realm (which is far larger, more unwieldy, hence far harder to influence directly than the internal state), will bend to match it.

However bend to match the externals and you merely chase phantasms and never really get the satisfaction you crave.

Rather than waste energy or time thinking it about though, by way of instructing the subconscious, repeat the following affirmation 6 times if you can be bothered, but don’t try believing it, just repeat it, and watch what happens subsequently – in the hours and days that follow – both on the internal level and out in the external world.

'I’m delivered, found, safe and sound – I belong in this universe. I’m seen, acknowledged and accepted – I viscerally feel the connection to the generative source of my own being and all existence – I feel the majesty of the Tao in my veins and bone marrow. And I feel my presence here is worthwhile and appreciated. I feel loved.'

I appreciate you reading this and interacting with it and me and send you my love, for starters, dear reader.


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