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Diving Into The Great Current

To enjoy the ride to the full it’s of paramount importance in the order of tools for keeping yourself balanced, to desist from taking anything personally, including yourself.

To attain this requisite transpersonal perspective in order that you may fully retain your sense of humour, the main ingredient in the enjoyment cake, visualise yourself weightless and bodiless, shooting up high in the sky, higher even than the snow-capped mountain peaks, higher even than the highest clouds, hanging there awhile until all the mental interference of the myriad details of everyday life has subsided and then asking yourself whether you’re willing to let go, over the next three weeks, of the need to see specific results in your life and simply surrender to the flow of energy as if diving into the Great Current and allowing it to take you.

If the answer’s no and you insist on attempting to stay in control of life, the rest of this piece isn’t for you.

If the answer’s yes, then visualise yourself hanging there high in the sky with your arms open skydiver wide in a gesture of absolute surrender and courageous vulnerability and hear yourself addressing the Tao, the Great Current, the force behind the flow inherent in the world of human affairs, with the following words, or better ones if you can think of them:

'My dear Great Current, the more I get to know you, the more I see you are benign, yet still I cling to fear and find it hard to fully let go and trust you – even though I know that the more I do, the better you seem to make reality turn out – so I’m letting you know that though I resist (because I get stuck in localised, limited, human-level perspective out of habit), I’m willing to invest in loss of the myth of who I think I am and what I think is best for me and instead surrender fully and allow you to carry me where and how you will now.'

Then see yourself hanging there in your courageous vulnerability, not knowing what comes next, without any need to be filled with answers or shown any signs, simply willing to be part of the wind blowing where it will, thrilling to the insecurity of not-knowing but flowing – and breathing – always breathing – slowly, purposefully, silently, smoothly, deeply and evenly, no matter how scared or insecure you feel.

And keep hanging there until you feel so comfortable in just being part of the wind, you almost don’t want to come back down to earth again – that’s when you know you’ve let go and are free to gently reduce your altitude and waft back into your seat in front of the screen here, feeling re-embodied, subtly exhilarated and cleansed of the psychic debris of all your perceived trials and tribulations.

Then open your heart – soften the muscles of your chest – and allow your innate warmth to flow more freely. Let it radiate outwards from you as if in ever-expanding circles, which eventually encompass the entire world – and simultaneously be equally open to receiving the world’s warmth in return.

Today and tonight, may you feel as high as the sky, as warm as one of those fancy vertical bathroom central heating radiators, as safe as houses, as enlightened as a Buddha and as sexy as porn star.

With love, Doc

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