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Don’t Take Positions Today

Life will conspire to give the impression that you need to take positions on this or that as the day unfolds. However as soon as you take a position you’re stuck there until you extricate yourself and as the idea with following the Tao to produce miraculous results in your life depends on flowing like water, never piling up, yet capable of massing into a tidal wave of power when required, it behoves you to avoid taking a position on anything today, without exception, until or unless you truly have to – and with most things, it turns out you usually don’t have to as fast as you think you do.

Remain fluid in your outlook and attitude. Desist from attempting to seek conclusions about things. Allow things to develop spontaneously. Always hold fast to your intention to succeed in all areas of life and to help all others do so too, yes but beyond that, let go and allow life to unfold, as it will.

Avoid judging what occurs as it does so, as either good or bad.

Always remind yourself that everything other than the Tao itself is merely relative and all opinions likewise, that perceptions of good or bad are simply down to varying camera angles, lighting set-ups and filters you’ve placed over the lens, filters comprised of all the stories and opinions you’ve developed in the past, many of which are by virtue of the illusory nature of reality, likely to be spurious and unreliable in any case, thus affording you only an opaque view of things.

Assume you know nothing other than that it’s a beautiful gift to be alive today and in the company of all those peopling your orbit as you go.

Knowing nothing, take no positions, suspend all judgments and remain open-minded about everything unless you really, really have to adopt a position – in exactly the same way as water finds its way round, over, or under obstruction.

To enable the full effect of this, be mindful of keeping your body supple today – soften your muscles and throw open your joints – for the more supple your body, the more supple your mind and the more supple your mind, the more supply and gently reality treats you, because the outside reflects the inside and vice versa.

May your insides and outsides reflect such brilliance, joy, abundance and love for you, it’s all you can do not to rush headlong into your nearest busy shopping mall and shout, ‘Barefoot is a brick,’ for all the world to hear.

Love, Barefoot

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