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Draw your vision into being more powerfully

Can you actually make a mistake, or was every step of the way, every apparent choice merely part of your inevitable destiny anyway? And are mistakes necessarily crimes?

They certainly can be but aren’t generally. In fact they are, merely as the name implies, takes in the movie the director chooses to leave on the cutting floor – developmental attempts along the way to achieve excellence – mis-takes from which important lessons are learned, by which a good take is eventually attained.

So rather than dwell on them, take the lessons they carry in their folds and dwell instead on the vision of you achieving whatever it is you want, which primarily must include you living in a state of harmony and joyfulness, health and wealth (ample resources to keep you going), freedom, loving connectedness, and authenticity – all the rest, all the external factors required to facilitate such a state will then take care of manifesting themselves.

The more you dwell on the vision, the more powerfully you’ll draw it into actual being.

Dwell well.

Love, D

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