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Drop sorry for a day

There’s so much sorrow and suffering in the world, why add to it with your own, by saying sorry all day when there’s nothing even to feel sorrow about.

Brushing past someone, sorry, touching someone’s arm accidentally – sorry – for what? Being alive?

Suggestion: drop sorry from your lexical repertoire today just for 24 hours.

The point is to observe what happens in the gap.

For there will you meet yourself in your full divine power and glory.

If you can manage this wee manoeuver, you’ll change your life significantly for the better.

Then having minded the gap a few times, hence now a bit familiar with the gap sensation, lower eyelids, let gaze fall on the inside of the forehead, as if looking at a screen and project onto it an image of you as a fully resplendent, light-emanating being, a perfected Buddharized version of you, glowing with full divine power and glory, sure of your place in the world, knowing you don’t have to do anything to earn the love of the Tao, nor of those around you, you simply have to remain connected to your core self and be you.

See this version of yourself wink and smile at you.

And return to the everyday state.

I wish you to know, breathe and live from the full power at your divine core today (and tonight), and from that elicit a run of magnificent miracles for the benefit of you and all who sail with you.

Love, B

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