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Dropping That Rock

There’s a guy from China I know of who walked round the whole UK carrying a rock the size of a watermelon as a piece of performance art.

Perfect metaphor for the way we carry chunks of our own past around in our heads like psychic dead weights, perhaps as a ballast, lest we grow too light-hearted and our feet leave the ground for the pure joy of being alive, as if that would be such a terrible thing.

But imagine saying sod it and dropping that rock now.

Imagine suddenly feeling that much lighter, freer and able to move around.

Imagine if right now, your entire cosmology was based on the thrill of not knowing what comes next and of not trying to work it out based on what’s happened before, being possessed of the common sense that develops with life-experience, yet not hampered by the fears that have developed in response to life along the way.

Imagine feeling fear as a raw primal emotion simply because that’s what we feel as part of being human but no longer attaching it to various imagined negative outcomes.

Imagine being innocent of such machinations and as a result bold enough to stride on with an open heart and open mind, trusting in the innate benevolence of the path, now free of the useless burden of that rock.

Visualise yourself now, having carried that rock around your whole life, having arrived at the shore on the very edge of reality as you know it, turning to face the sea, lifting that rock high above your head in both hands and hurling it with all your might into the oncoming waves.

Visualise the sound of that splash as it smashes through the water’s surface.

Visualise the feeling of lightness overtaking your body, mind and soul.

Visualise yourself turning round and gazing out at your entire life from here like a tableau spread out before you. Infuse the scene with brilliant white-gold-rose tinted light till every detail glows warm and clear. Imbue this light with the power to cause perfect harmony in all developments henceforth.

Visualise yourself in the midst of that scene enjoying the warmth and brightness of this healing light, feeling reassured and comforted, fortified and encouraged to enter the mystery as it unfolds from here, with total boldness and unity of spirit.

Then say, it will be so.

And it will be so.

Have a superb time now.

Expect miracles.


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