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Drumming up your energy levels

I’d like to tell you about one of the most powerful ‘levers’ for entering the state of supreme personal power, to the extent you can uproot an opponent in combat simply by moving your mind, let alone handle the usual stuff of the everyday with extraordinary ease and excellence.

Focus simultaneously on the ‘bubbling wells’ the points in the centre of the ball of each foot, and the thymus area in the upper chest. By doing so you’ll elicit a natural energy rush throughout your body. When you feel it, sink it immediately into your sacrum (bone at base of spine).

To make your thymus more susceptible to this visualization, tap your upper chest in the middle with the fingertips of both hands rhythmically and rapidly for twenty seconds or so while concentrating on the bubbling wells.

This will stimulate your immune system and increase your personal power levels by a quantum leap and is especially effective if practiced while speaking with others.

Rather than analyse it or try to understand why it works, just do it and you’ll be delighted with the instant lift it gives you – and the more often you use it throughout the day, the better.

May you be instantly lifted above all difficulty today and end the day feeling high as a kite.

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