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Easily, Effortlessly, Enjoyably And Excellently

Come with me on a short flight of fancy to the magic woods and lie close by on the soft warm ground, bathed in sunlight. Let’s afford ourselves a shared moment out of time, during which we each release the heavy loads we’ve been carrying a while and instead focus on the perfection of our respective original selves before all the inherited pain of the world assailed our sensibilities and triggered our confusion and delusion, for whatever we focus on grows and if we spend an instant focusing together on the perfection of our respective original selves now, that perfection will grow and glow brighter, brightly enough perhaps to pervade our entire being and obliterate all vestiges of self-doubt, that we may each continue on our paths this week with increased gusto, aplomb and magnificence.

And if that, once you’ve had time to unravel it, doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what will.

So if you’re ready, follow me into the woods and let us disport ourselves on the soft warm ground.

Seeing yourself lying there, feeling the sensation of the soft, warm ground against your back and the warm light of the sun on your face, the sound of butterfly wings flapping in your ears and the sweet scent of springtime massaging the olfactory region of your brain.

Imagine that the earth, rather than just being an object is actually a living, sentient being, full of the yin, nurturing spirit and that by laying yourself down upon its surface, you are making yourself available to receive an influx of nurturing energy, enough to sustain you in a state of supreme relaxation, clarity, focus, enlightenment and compassion for the duration, no matter what you have to get done or have to go through.

With each in-breath, feel as if you’re drawing this energy into your body through the back of your neck, just under the base of the skull. With every out-breath, feel that energy radiate from there to all parts of your body, mind and spirit. After a few breaths, once you’re feeling clearer and calmer, decide what kind of outcomes you want, rather than the kind of outcomes you fear having – choose what you intend to accomplish and by which mode you intend to accomplish it.

For instance, you may wish to do it easily, effortlessly, enjoyably and excellently.

If so, just hear yourself saying to yourself, as we lie here on the soft, warm ground, ‘I choose to accomplish everything I need to and more this week easily, effortlessly, enjoyably and excellently. So be it.’

Ease and effortlessness to you.

I wish you benign penetration.

With love, B

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