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Efficient processing of feelings to re-establish equilibrium

We’ve grown in a culture that is scared of its own shadow, literally. We find it difficult confronting and accepting the darker side of existence, the pain, cruelty and suffering, muck, mess and odour of its dark underbelly suffering – both within us and around us. This has resulted in what my great late friend and teacher RD Laing called psychophobia, meaning, we’re afraid of our own minds.

And by extension, we’re afraid of our own feelings.

But this is of the old world, a symptom of the old paradigm. In the new paradigm emerging in the midst of the crumbling old, we must live fearlessly – we must ride the fear rather than vice versa.

So when dealing with feeling – sadness, fear, doubt, resentment, etc – the art is to acknowledge, accept and then love whatever it is, rather than mask, fight or change it.

Try the following and see how it works for you.

Identify what you’re feeling (your belly is probably the first place to look), then ask (aloud if possible, otherwise under your breath): “Could I let go of wanting to change this?”

Leave the question hanging in the air for a moment, then answer, “Yes, I could let go of wanting to change this.”

Leave that hanging for a moment, then ask, “Would I let go of wanting to change this?”

Leave that hanging a moment, then reply, “Yes, I would let go of wanting to change this.”

At which point, if you watch carefully, you’ll notice that whatever you were feeling has been transformed into a purer form of energy, power – you’re empowered by the feeling rather than disempowered by it as previously.

I’ve mentioned it before and will mention it again, because it’s easy to forget and slip into feeling overwhelmed unnecessarily.

Unshakable equilibrium to you, dear reader.

Love, B

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