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Elicit the perpetual thrill of existence

The art of the master is to enjoy being alive each moment, moment by moment, regardless of what’s occurring externally or internally, to feel the thrill of existence as you work, rest and play, even when feeling sad, in grief, angry, scared, doubtful, confused or any other negative set.

You don’t have to make unpleasant or painful feelings go away, in other words, you merely have to stop holding your breath and acknowledge, accept and love them. That way they relax, as would anyone once acknowledged, accepted and loved, and tend to stop bothering you, leaving you free to relax so you can clearly choose how you actually want to feel, for as soon as you know what you’re choosing, you’ll manifest it.

But you can’t manifest a positive shift till you’ve arrived where you are, and that includes however you’re feeling.

I wish you the thrill of existence above and beyond all else and for all else to fall neatly into place today.

Love, D

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