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Eliciting an outcome you weren’t counting on today that thrills and delights you

The Tao, the Great Way, responds well whenever you let go and give it free rein to produce the perfect result in your day without you having to determine what that might be. It loves it when you let go.

One way to trigger such a reaction is to repeat the following statement of intent a minimum of six times both in handwritten form and spoken aloud at least twice before the day’s out. It will send the appropriate message to your subconscious which in turn relays it directly to the Tao informing today’s reality for you and it goes like this:

I now allow the Tao to produce an outcome today I wasn’t counting on that thrills and delights me to the quick.

And that’s all you have to do about it.

Once you’ve done, stop for a moment, exhale, let the whole thing go and simply get on with whatever the day puts in front of you, taking each action as a gesture of complicity with the Tao and you will indeed elicit an outcome you weren’t counting on which thrills and delights you to the quick.

Wish: that you end the day so thrilled and delighted you fall asleep grinning from ear to ear.

Love, B

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