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Emergency Pick-You-Up

What to do if you’re feeling so tired of it all, so exhausted from playing the game and seemingly getting nowhere fast, you’re losing the will to engage and are veering dangerously towards self-obliteration?

Two steps: first acknowledge it, and second, remind yourself you have options.

To explain: until you accept where you perceive yourself to be you can’t set about changing it, hence acknowledging you’re veering dangerously towards self-obliteration is the starting point.

Implicit in this is accepting it rather than wasting energy making a melodrama about it. It happens to everyone on a cyclic basis, so you’re not a freak or a loser, you’re just human.

Once you’ve accepted where you are, you then have to remind yourself that though it may appear that you’re stuck, you’re actually not, that this perceived obstruction to your freedom is an illusion. You have options. You don’t even need to know what they are. Most of the energy drain occurs from unconsciously fighting against the bogus notion you have no alternative, that you’re imprisoned by your situation. There are always options, even if some of them are downright scary at first glimpse.

Simply knowing there are options frees up energy into your system. Implicit in this is that there is never a conundrum that doesn’t come with its own solution – there’s always a way back to balance, in other words. But you don’t even need to know what this is. The Way will show you the way once you acknowledge there is a way – that’s how this magic works. Simply by being willing to let go and flow, you get your chi back and the chi then leads you where you’re meant to be to get the balance back into your life. Usually within no more than 30 days of reading this or similar.

I wish you a sudden, surprise influx of strength, enthusiasm and general miracles to turn your life around in a jiffy.

Love, D

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