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Enjoy being alive each and every moment more and more now

Can you imagine allowing your subconscious to take over running the ship for you, and all you do is sit inside and enjoy the ride?

Can you imagine relaxing enough to eschew familiar reliance on the rational mind and trust the subconscious to make all the right choices for you?

The subconscious is that deepest aspect of self the Taoists of ancient times referred to as the mind of your immortal spirit body. It is omniscient – it knows everything – everything that ever was, ever is and ever will be – and I mean forever and ever, throughout the medium of time and space.

It’s a receiving dish for all the information there is.

The conscious mind filters the inflow to a narrow enough stream to fit within the parameters of the story you’ve cobbled together to describe the experience of life to yourself, because if it didn’t do so the parameters of your story would be obliged to widen themselves sufficiently to accommodate the flow, or crack apart. That’s what people used to call a nervous breakdown. It’s actually a story breakdown.

But when you consider you started cobbling this story together as a tiny child. This was when you laid the foundations. But as a small child your powers of description are necessarily limited and hence your story is too. And that doesn’t change till you actively change it.

But that’s a digression, because what I’m interested in conveying today is that you stop relying on this story-mind, or what we conventionally call the rational mind, and instead rely on the infinite wisdom of your subconscious to guide and provide for you, you firstly save your system inordinate amounts of vital force, which helps your immune system and encourages longevity, you also find life and all its details working in a far more orderly, synchronistic, elegant and altogether enjoyable way.

So how is this done?

I’ll tell you.

This is done through following the following,

Psychospatially speaking the subconscious is epicentered in the rear brain and back of the body in general. It’s the witness-bearer to al your experience as well as all the experience occurring throughout the universe and beyond even that if there is anything beyond the universe.

So obviously the first step is to situate yourself in there with it.

Slide the mind back to the back of the head and settle the weight of your presence in your back.

At first it may be tricky because we’re not used to using awareness to feel from the inside in a proprioceptive way but keep going at it and suddenly you’ll have the knack. It’s innate anyway.

Secondly from back there use the conscious mind up front to make requests, like, ‘show me the best option to take in this situation now’, or ‘is it best I do this or do that?’ or ‘show me the truth of what’s going on in this situation,’, or bring me the person who will help in this or that’, and so on.

If you substitute subconscious for God and talking to it like this, praying but without all the hocus pocus, you get the idea, but don’t imagine it with a beard in the sky because that’s where we went wrong the first time round.

Thirdly take note of results because once you start noticing how effective this is which you will, not only will you be amazed at both its efficacy and the fact you never did it before, you will also find yourself far more relaxed and hence far more able to enjoy the fruits of all the choices you make, which after all is why you make choices in the first place, to enjoy being alive each and every moment more and more, isn’t it? Or have you got some deeper reason?

So saying be saying, say around 9 times now, ‘I’m enjoying being alive each and every moment more and more’.

Trust the magic.

With love, Doc

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