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Ensure Your Life Progresses Today

I know there are times you feel as if your progress is blocked – as if your life has got all stuck and that the tendency at such times is to try and manoeuvre things into a different configuration. However that’s not necessarily the optimal approach to getting things moving.

Instead you could try the Taoist wu wei (effortless manifesting system) approach, which rests upon the premise that you create reality the way it turns out by the choices you make, either consciously or unconsciously and that you can create it any way you choose, including it presently consisting of an apparent blockage in affairs but if you like, also with an actual huge transition occurring invisibly behind the scenes today on your behalf, courtesy of the Tao of your life, which is even now causing things to shift to produce precisely the result you’re after in terms of having a life of abundant health, wealth, love, joy, satisfaction and everything else you want.

To initiate this now, assuming you unraveled the preceding convoluted sentence and should you be of a mind to, simply gather yourself into a unified force and tell yourself with full sincerity of heart, ‘Even though I’m currently feeling as if my life is blocked, the process of me manifesting everything I want is happening at optimal levels now anyway.’

Then exhale deeply with a relaxing sigh and let go into trusting the possibility that this is now so. For as you trust it, so it will be.

May you experience unexpected, unprecedented shifts for the better today as a result.

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