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Expand Your Consciousness And Achieve More Naturally

Rather than struggle to get things done today, start by expanding your consciousness and by doing so, you naturally expand your capacity to get things done with ease.

If, what both the ancient mystics and the modern quantum physicists say is accurate and the universe is actually comprised of consciousness and is expanding, it stands to reason that consciousness is expanding too.

It’s quite obvious, in fact, when you observe how more and more people all around you are waking up from the trance of the everyday to a deeper reality. Consciousness is expanding.

So in order to expand your own consciousness and achieve far more by doing proportionately far less, you don’t have to do anything, you simply have to stop doing things. Specifically stop limiting who and what you are.

Because you don’t actually stop at your skin. You don’t in fact stop anywhere, other than where you unconsciously draw your own limits. You are nothing less than universal consciousness expressed in human form. You are limitless.

Understanding and appreciating this even for just one brief moment, you gain enough instant perspective to make all your tasks look extremely small and therefore achievable by comparison. And as you see it, so it will be.

Wish: you expand so elegantly and magnificently nothing on the material plane can ruffle your feathers.

Love, D

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