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Expanding Your Sphere Of Activity And Influence Today

The phonetic similarity between the word transformation and trance-formation is perhaps not such a random coincidence. The everyday world as you perceive and experience it constitutes a trance, in which you believe you are repeating habitual actions and thought patterns and that nothing is changing other than you getting older and the economy variously contracting or expanding, in which you forget to notice the freshness of each moment and overlook the opportunities that each moment brings for creating your life anew.

We’re on a planet spinning on its axis at 1,000 mph. The planet is orbiting the sun at 66,000 mph. the sun is orbiting the galactic centre at approximately half a million mph and the galaxy is passing through space at approximately 1.5 million mph. That’s a fact.

You’re a nexus of consciousness and life in human form currently hitching a ride through space at these breakneck speeds. Others are experiencing similar along with you. You have communication with them, essential for making sure you get the requisite food and fluid and other essentials to and from your physical system. And you undertake various tasks in return. Beyond that, your moment to moment experiences make you think and feel things and you do what you can to manage those thoughts and feelings optimally.

That’s what’s actually happening. All the rest – the notion of nationality, brands, traffic systems, infrastructures and all the rest of it, merely constitutes the components of the everyday trance.

And you’re perfectly free to form that trance into a different, more enjoyable, more rewarding one whenever you like, hence trance-formation.

Start by orienting yourself to the planetary spin, orbit and so on – get here, in other words, shake off the numbness and feel the thrill of being alive.

Next spend a while visualizing your life expanding to allow you far more of a range of influence and activity. See yourself enjoying that. allow your imagination to run free creating pictures of you doing, having, being, succeeding at and enjoying various things.

Let the vision increase your overall sense of wellbeing and excitement about being alive. Make some kind of affirmative gesture, such as saying, ‘let this or something even way better be brought fully into being now,’ and carry on as you were, except now your trance is more expansive and your spirits likewise.

May it serve you well and you find yourself in startlingly fresh pastures before you can say, ‘Barefoot is a brick’.

With love, Doc

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