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Expect Miracles

Imagine a pair of loving arms holding you. Imagine these arms belonged to a loving mother-like presence, who was making everything right for you, protecting you and gently directing you along the path, delivering you from danger to wherever and with whomever you were meant to be for your highest good and the highest good of all with whom you'd interact. Imagine everyone in the world, if not the universe had her or his own version of this benign invisible friend. Imagine if it was the case that the more you relaxed into these loving, protective arms, the more elegantly and advantageously the details of your life worked out. Imagine if the more you trusted the protective, nurturing quality of this loving, mother-like presence, the more miraculous results reality produced for you.

Imagine that whether this was the truth or merely just a fantasy, it was valid anyway just because you imagined it, on account of the notion that, based on the fact that reality is far more plastic and malleable than you give it credit for and is entirely susceptible to transformation according to whomever is interacting with it, what you visualise would eventually manifest in real time in the appropriate form.

Imagine you could visualise whatever you wanted and that through the power of your invisible friend, it would become so.

Pick anything you’re afraid of.

Spend a moment or two visualising the outcome you want rather than the one you fear.

Dare to see it, feel it, taste it, hear it, smell it as if it’s happening all around you now.

Transmit that picture to the benign, mother-like presence holding you in her arms and say, ‘let this or something even better come to pass.’

Then pick the next thing you’re afraid of and do likewise and so on, until you’ve been through all your fears and transformed the outcome in your mind to one that will serve you best.

Gently, patiently, courageously like this, you will transform your entire life for the better now.

Include in the vision, you giving and receiving love freely with others, expressing it with each in the appropriate way and vice versa and this producing an endless stream of miracles in all your affairs and throughout your life.

Give thanks to your invisible friend, who is none other than the Tao itself, and carry on as you were.

Expect miracles.

With love, Doc

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