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Expression of the Tao

From the tips of your toes to the tip of your nose you are an expression of the Tao, the great, unseen generative power of the universe – an expression of the Tao in human form with your face and personality on the front of it. The Tao creates you in its own image and vice versa.

So when you ask the Tao for something you want, you’re actually asking yourself, as in you as an agent of the Tao.

You at your deepest level are the Tao and as such you, at your deepest level, have the power to manifest whatever you need to succeed in fully expressing the Tao during your lifetime. Ask and it is given, because it’s you who’s giving it to you. Ask yourself now for everything you need to succeed in expressing the Tao this lifetime and it is given. Ask for whatever it is you need now – health, wealth, vitality, strength, love, warmth and so on – and hear yourself say, ‘yes, you can have this’.

Then all you have to do is not disturb the process by indulging in extreme worry, anxiety or self-doubt over it and before you know it, you’ll be looking around you and saying, ‘why blow me down with a feather if that Barefoot D wasn’t right about this – I do indeed manifest everything I need with utmost aplomb’.

Loving wish, that you verily stun yourself with the miracles this produces for you today.

Love, B

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