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Facing Difficult Situations Like A Master

Everything in this universe operates according to a cycle of yin and yang, contraction and expansion, tension and release. Your own life is no exception.

Hence why you get easy days and not so easy ones. This tension and release is essential to give your story dynamics, without which you’d grow so bored you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.

So the first thing is to welcome tension as something that will feel extremely good as soon as it releases. Next see yourself as reaching past that point of release and feeling the relief, even if your rational mind can’t see how that will be effected at ground level.

Now, assume awareness of the background presence informing all aspects of you and your life as you perceive it, as well as informing the lives of everyone in your world.

Now look specifically at the difficult situation you’re apparently facing and see the background presence informing that too.

Next imagine that the background presence is a big friendly Buddha and he’s smiling at you with supreme joy and love from the nucleus of every atom of the situation until it seems as if the whole situation is smiling at you rather than scowling.

Next, smile back, from deep within and tell the background presence Buddha that you love him and return to the everyday state. And if that doesn’t trigger a miracle that gets you through the situation unscathed and smiling, I’ll eat my shoes.

May you know only the greatest of ease today.

Love, D

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