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Failsafe technique for increasing the flow of joy between you and others

To elicit an increase in the flow of joy passing through you, try the following:

Spend a moment or two semi-vigorously massaging the centre of your left palm with the thumb of the right hand, then repeat on the right palm with left-hand thumb.

Now relax and visualize a small aperture in the centre of each palm.

Next breathe as if breathing directly in through the hole in the left palm, drawing the breath up the inside of the left arm, into the left side of the chest and into the heart, repository of existential joy.

Now breathe out and feel the breath stream from the heart into the right side of the chest, down the inside of the right arm and out through the hole in the right palm.

As you breathe in, imagine you are drawing in the joy of everyone on the entire planet, in the entire universe in fact, mixing it with some of your own and then, as you exhale, imagine sending that joy, now added to, out through your palm to enrich the world.

Make nine passes like this and carry on as you were.

Results will start showing almost instantaneously, so be sensitive and perceptive to those.

I wish you almost more joy than you can handle today.

Love, B

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