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Failsafe Technique For Intensifying Your Inner Light

Arrange yourself comfortably, lower your eyelids and with your breath flowing slowly and mindfully, your muscles softened, your spine lengthened and your mind pulled back into the centre of your brain, picture the crown of your head opening like two sliding doors and visualize a column of light so bright you can hardly bear to look at it, streaming down from high in the heavens through the opening and flooding your brain and see this light up all the rest of you down below.

Keep seeing it and let yourself see only it – no thoughts, no words, no pictures, just near-blinding bright light streaming down from the heavens through the crown of your head, shining throughout your brain and lighting up everything down below, shining so brightly within you that it simply has to radiate all around you with progressively increasing brightness until your whole world is lit by its subtle rays.

Do this once now and repeat before sleep and you’ll have a remarkable day and night which is precisely my wish for you now.

Love, B

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