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Falling for someone

Know that when you fall for someone, you’re falling for appearances.

Whenever you project onto one individual the exclusive power to make you happy, you are falling prey to sentimentalism.

Of course it’s impossible to avoid doing so: sentimentality is intrinsic to the human condition. That’s part of what makes us so loveable.

However no one is indispensable – irreplaceable yes, but not indispensible.

Everyone is a manifestation and expression of the One Presence, the Tao.

And your relationship is with that. That is where you score the succour your soul craves.

So rather than mistake the external form (personality as well as physicality) for the Presence informing it, keep seeing through to the Presence and love it there, in the full knowledge that though it will inevitably hurt, on account of said sentimentality, when destiny eventually moves your respective orbits apart, it’ll make it far easier to make the transition, knowing that the One Presence takes itself away from you in one form, only to come back in another as soon as you’re ready to stomach the shift.

So don’t despair if feeling heartbroken or lonely for any reason or combination of reasons. Instead rejoice in your relationship with the Tao informing you and know from that, all else will be manifested as and when you need it.

The Tao’s absolute love to you.

And mine, B

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