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Fantastic Way To Trigger A Consciousness Expansion From The Energetic Level

The imaginary sheath in which you tend to believe yourself to be encased, separating you from all other sentient beings, becomes so convincing over time, it may as well be real. Self-limiting belief structures generate blockages in the yin-yang rhythms of your body at the level of the fascia. These are especially palpable in the cranium. Change the yin-yang, contract-expand rhythm in the cranium and you change the entire energy field: you open it up to the universe.

As soon as you do this, your consciousness expands exponentially. With your consciousness expanding, your perspective grows larger and hence your ability to accommodate life’s relatively more trivial details increases.

Take a moment to relax completely.

Slow your breathing down.

Drop your shoulders and place a palm on either side of the head.

Use only 4 ounces (110 grams) of pressure, metaphorically speaking – just enough to hear what’s going on under your hands but not enough to influence it inordinately.

Now discern the subtle contracting-expanding rhythm occurring in your skull.

And follow it.

Don’t try to change it.

After a while you’ll notice it suddenly (subtly) stop for a moment.

This is what the cranial osteopaths, who use a similar system, call the still point.

Now wait a moment and you’ll feel a wholly new, much more stately rhythm begin.

This movement will feel far more expansive even in the contracted phase.

Enjoy the sensation till you get bored and return to the everyday state.

Not only will this expand your consciousness within the hour, it will also normalize all vital functions and induce a greater level of wellbeing altogether.

Wish: nothing perturbs you, everything thrills you, nothing dismays you and everything gladdens your heart today and tonight.

Love, B

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