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Fast faith restorer

When your faith in the process of you manifesting what you want is flagging and the external indicators are doing nothing to change that state, stop and forget all about it for a moment. Look around you and remind yourself your life is a miracle regardless of what you do or don’t manage to manifest and that the point of the game is not to manifest everything you want but to love being here to watch the show whichever way it goes, always trusting that whichever way it does go, is always inevitably leading you to your highest possible good.

This will reset you.

Next, remind yourself of what you do want. See it clearly in your mind’s eye. Then reach deep into your core, where your internal power has been humming away all the while and from there, declare to your destiny-angel: “I choose this, let it, or something even way better I haven’t yet conceived be so!”

Again forget all about it, carry on as you were, awake to the miracle of your existence, loving and cherishing that regardless of external conditions, trusting that everything is working exactly as it’s meant to, to produce the highest good and that you’ll always respond optimally to all the prompts destiny throws you, humbly with the intention to be of service to the greater good and within no time at all, the external indicators will change for the better and the miracles start rolling in.

I wish you a hefty miracle-roll, dear reader.

Love, B

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