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Fastest known way to transform things for the better

When things all seem to go against you and the world feels as if it’s falling in on top of you, mostly on account of others letting you down, and you find yourself asking why you and why is it happening, rather than waste precious energy like that, be willing to adopt a stance that everything happens for your highest good even and especially when it doesn’t look that way and that rather than fight what’s occurring, surrender and welcome it, as by doing so, life recognizes grace in you, which is precisely what’s required for it to ease off and show you a different, happier looking face.

It takes courage to do this, but only because of those pesky voices in your head telling you you’re being silly to trust life like this.

Override those voices, be willing to be silly if needs be, surrender and welcome what is. It’s the fastest way to transform it for the better.

I wish you such fast transformation you hardly recognize your life.

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