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Fearful Thinking

Fearfulness arises out of low kidney energy. To bring the kidney chi back up start off by pressing behind each inner ankle bone until you find where it aches most and most deliciously (if you like a nice sharp, poignant ache) and then massage that ache with controlled gusto for 30 seconds on both feet simultaneously. This induces the kidneys to be more receptive to chi-flow.

Then, press knuckles into lower back either side of spine at waist level and knead in circular motion 36 times. This softens and stimulates the kidney area.

Finally, rub backs of hands up and down with magnificent briskness over the same area until you’ve induced great heat, at which turn palms inwards and press them into the back to encourage the heat to penetrate.

As you do so, chant resonantly, or if inappropriate merely visualize yourself chanting resonantly, the kidney chi warming sound: FUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII,

Starting with the fu bit in falsetto, thence diving the voice down through the IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII bit all the way down to the deepest bass note you can reach and repeat six times.

You’ll notice your kidney region feeling warm and within ten minutes you’ll also notice your fearful thinking is no longer fearful and your anxiety-related stress levels have dropped.

I wish you a fearless day in which you accomplish an unprecedented amount as enjoyably as a child at play.

Love, B

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