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Feel In Your Element Today

No matter who you are, no matter how apparently sorted you have it, internally externally or both, there are times the theatre of your life will grow strange in tone and flavour – brief passages during which it would be appropriate to heed the warning TV channels would flash on the screen in the '50s when transmission was going wonky and the picture went hazy due to alien invasion or whatever: ‘Do not adjust your set!’

There are times, mostly due to variations in the weather, the light, solar wind levels, the astrological set-up, or just the moods and/or behaviour of those close to you at work, rest or play, when your reality feels decidedly strange.

It is important at such times to self-investigate in order to ascertain you’re as optimally balanced as can be internally and so determine the cause of feeling odd is largely externally driven.

Then as long as you’re breathing slowly and steadily, your body is relatively relaxed, your frame isn’t too crumpled or misaligned and your mind is quite centered, rendering your set in good working order, do not adjust your dials.

Stay as you are, waiting patiently and in but a short while, the situation will right itself, and along with that, the tone and flavour of the theatre and within no time at all, it'll all be all fun and laughter once again.

In the meantime, repeat the following statement of positive intent:

‘I love strange.’

As soon as you love strange, strange feels acknowledged and is free to take its bow and exit the stage. While you fight it, it just gets stranger till it gets the nod from you it’s after.

May you be blessed with feeling in your element all day (and night).

Love, D

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