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Feeling included in the action

If you’re feeling a bit out of the swim of things, slightly at odds with the human race, shy, antisocial, or dependent on substances or alcohol to be able to partake more freely of the action, and want to enjoy the day ahead more, reframe your relationship with humanity by repositioning yourself as someone charged with the duty of drawing more light down from the spiritual realm for the benefit of all.

Visualize yourself as a channel drawing down the light of wellbeing and human kindness in greater and greater measure for the benefit of all humankind, let your every exhalation be an outpouring of love.

Remind yourself that in this role it’s OK to feel awkward, shy, or slightly out of the swim because you’ve a job to do. Obviously don’t get all officious about it as this will put people off and be counterproductive, but others can instinctively feel your energy there, lovingly supporting them and will naturally be drawn to you as a result.

In other words if it’s inclusion you’re after, include yourself by assuming a valid role in the play.

I wish you the sure knowledge you’re loved and wanted this weekend.

Love, D

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