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Find out how to let go today

To be able to allow the Tao to show you how, dear reader, to be able to surrender your egocentric mindset enough to hear the guidance from within, you have to begin by letting go: letting go of the tension (from Latin to hold) in your muscles, that corresponds to the control you’re attempting in vain to exert on what’s occurring around you.

Once you let go of the tension in the muscles, the mind naturally lets go of the reigns and the Tao is then free to take over.

Start by pressing a finger into your belly button. Place the other palm on the back of the hand whose finger is being used to press and let the weight of both arms and a modicum of strength be brought into play until you feel a noticeable sensation of pleasant pressure in your navel and spreading out around your belly, thence downwards into your legs and upwards into your chest, shoulders, arms, neck and head.

Breathe slowly, wait as the sensation becomes progressively more pleasant and notice your whole body starting to relax more and more, especially at the rear of your neck and all down your back into your buttocks and pelvic floor, thence back up to your face and all over the place until your whole sense of self has softened completely.

Then address the Tao, say, “Hello, Tao,” and mindful of all the conundrums and accompanying stress you’ve been conjuring up so deftly in your head, say, “I offer you all this to sort out instead – thankyou.”

And if you’re very sensitive just now, you’ll feel the Tao take it from you and your entire being will feel decidedly lighter.

I wish you great lightness of being, dear reader.

Love, B

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