Find the answer to your big question

When you’re stuck in a quandary, beset by huge questions you are simply too confounded or confused to answer for yourself and no one around you is able to throw any light on your situation and simply don’t know what to do or where to turn, try the Taoist trick of method acting that you already know the answer.

Walk around and conduct yourself for the rest of the day as if you already know the answer to your question and allow yourself to feel the sensations of someone who knows the answer and has absolute clarity and confidence in their decisions.

Give your rational mind with its insistence on having to know the answer now a short break from its assumed duties and simply method act being the person who already knows.

And within 24 hours you’ll realize that you actually do know and did know the answer all along – it will reveal itself to your conscious mind spontaneously.

This is magic.

May it serve you well.

Love, D

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