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Finding The Blessing In Things That Goes Wrong

When you transcend preferences, wrong and right in terms of how badly or well things work out take on a different significance. mistakes and mishaps become opportunities. When something goes wrong, or not according to plan, take it as a message from the Tao, from life, that a different, more compatible option is available and all you have to do is be open enough to spot it.

The ability to do this depends entirely on not taking yourself personally. You’re a flower in the garden of life, here to make the world more beautiful for everyone and have a beautiful time doing it. The more you let go of your personal position and of what you think should be happening for life to work out and the more you allow the Tao, life to decide what’s best, the more you’re able to trust that whatever happens or doesn’t happen, happens or doesn’t for the highest good.

When you’re taking yourself personally, it’s like walking in the woods and not being able to see where you’re going but assuming you’re able, when all you’re actually doing is guessing. The Tao, life, on the other hand, has a much better vantage point and can see exactly what needs to happen to produce the shifts and results that lead to your highest good.

All you have to do is set your intention to achieve the outcome you want and life will shunt things just so to make it happen. Along the way, it might seem things are going wrong, sometimes very wrong but providing your intention is clear, everything will work together regardless to produce the desired result.

Keep your intentions as broad-based as possible to give life room to operate freely.

For instance, if your intention is to end today feeling satisfied, fulfilled, loved, warm, loving, thrilled to be alive and excited about your prospects, that gives life loads of room to operate and no matter how things twist this way or that, nor how your mood takes you this way or that, you’ll arrive at the end of the day feeling satisfied, fulfilled, loved, warm, loving, thrilled to be alive and excited about your prospects.

And the really magical part is that life will have shunted events into place in real time, via a series of wonderful surprises to match your internal state.

Loving wish: life shunts things so elegantly via a series of such wonderful surprises, you hardly believe your eyes.

Love, B

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