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Finding the supreme flow in the world of the ten thousand things

Riding along in the back of a London cab recently, my senses infused with myriad sensory stimuli, my spirit awash in love and gratitude for this implausibly greatly sprawling, ramblingly organic sculpture of my birth, this ancient city of Isis and about to make some caustic remark about the seemingly chaotic scattering of road works impeding our progress, when it occurred to me all of a sardine, how in actual fact, the fact that anywhere around 12,000,000 people and their lives collide in any single day in this one single patch on the planet and manage to get out the other end in one piece is nothing short of a miracle.

Which led me to contemplate not just the marvel of human ingenuity in general, but also the imponderable complexity of interlinking systems required to make a city the size of London, let alone, Mexico City or Beijing, function as remarkably smoothly as it does.

Which in turn led me to zoom out and ‘see’ the entire field of activity at the energy and consciousness level, which momentarily stunned me, but swiftly led onto seeing the Tao at the core of it all, at the nucleus of every atom, so to speak and to see the movement of events, as nothing more or less than the universal chi swilling around in its cosmic bowl.

Zoom out for a moment yourself and espy the myriad details in motion, comprising this glorious world of the ten thousand things, feel the awe and gratitude, then hold your inner gaze steady till you see the Tao, the Great Presence informing it all.

Give it a wink and a nod, wait for it to do likewise in return and carry on as you were, fully expectant of a day of miracles.

I wish you a day of miracles.

Love, Doc

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