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Flow in an unprecedented way

When I used to treat people as a full-time hobby, one of my specialties for a while, back in the ’80s, when the drug was quite fashionable, was helping people come off heroin. I’d use a combination of hypnosis, cranial work and acupuncture and had enormous success in some really tough cases. It was good work, as heroin addicts tend, in my observation, to be highly sensitive, creative souls for whom the pains and abrasions of everyday life are too hard to bear constantly without strong analgesic and it’s always beautiful watching the angel emerge from the addict.

And during that time, the secret weapon in my healing arsenal was one humble acupuncture point right behind the mastoid process (bone) at the outer edges of the base of the skull at the rear, more or less directly behind each ear, in that dent you’ll feel if you fish about there now with finger or thumb.

It was traditionally used to break any habitual behavioral or though pattern, which all originally arise as a bogus bid to take control of reality from the back of the head as it were.

And as soon as those needles went in to that point, the healing process took a quantum turn for the better every time.

But you don’t need needles to make them work, nor do you need to be coming off heroin to benefit from them. By pressing sensitively into the region and seducing your way in through the fascia till you feel a release occur, you instantly undo years of being over-controlling and within no more than an hour or so are flowing far more freely with reality as it unfolds all around and within you.

So take a moment, with relaxed shoulders, breathing slowly, to fish about under the bones behind your ears at the outer edges of the occipital bone (base of skull at the rear) and once you’ve located the obvious indentation, start teasing your way in till you’re pressing with a fair amount of gentle yet applied force in the direction of your temples. Keep the pressure up for 90 seconds or so, release slowly, relax for a moment and make an agreement with yourself to let go and flow with the day today, thereby accomplishing miracles without effort, carry on as you were and within no more than an hour or so you’ll find yourself flowing in an unprecedented way.

May you flow in an unprecedented way today, dear reader.

Love, B

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