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Focusing On Serving Others As The Key To Success

While you may think that the purpose of today is to gain as much advantage for yourself as possible in your chosen fields of endeavor, and to some extent are correct in assuming so, this is merely one very superficial level of why you’re here and what today is for.

Of far greater importance, purpose-wise, is what you can give, what you can contribute to the human condition that would be of value in terms of alleviating suffering and increasing peace, wellbeing and prosperity for all – in short how you can serve.

The Tao puts you here to serve the greater picture only it can see.

You don’t need to see the greater picture and indeed can only do so when divested enough of the myth of who you think you are and have managed to align yourself thereby fully enough with the Tao within you, you actually become the Tao and so can see the whole of existence in one sweep of the eyes.

However life is busy and there isn’t much time for hanging out having such peak experiences, nor generally the methods to hand to get you there in between the voluminous amount of tasks you have to achieve.

But if you consciously seek to serve the Tao, which you do by consciously seeking to serve those around you, who are also manifestations of the Tao just like you, the Tao will serve you back, also via those around you and everything you do will happen easier and more effortlessly, your way will be clearer, your moment-by-moment experience of being you in the world, lighter and your results will be far greater.

Take a moment to let go of self-importance and imagine yourself a flower in the garden of life, here by virtue of the Tao, to contribute your unique beauty (love) to the world for the greater good and as such ask the Tao, ‘How can I serve?’

You’ll notice simply by asking the question you feel instantly lighter and more gracious of presence.

Keep asking it as a substitute for worrying about yourself and your goals and you’ll find yourself being led spontaneously to behave in novel ways that produce novel results.

May your results be so novel and magnificent today it’s all you can do not to fall clean off your seat.

Love, Doc

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