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Follow What You Want To Do, Not What You Think You Should Do For Best Results Now

I propose a flow experiment with reality. From now till next week, be mindful of every choice you make, no matter how big or small, and watch for when you’re choosing something because you think it’s what you should be doing, based on a whole dubious cosmology gained over years of conditioning, much of it negative. And instead, check what you actually feel like doing, as in which option makes you feel warm, energized and excited in your belly and chest. Then check that following this option isn’t motivated by the desire to harm anyone including yourself, check that it’s informed by your innate yearning to manifest the highest good at every turn. And provided it meets this criterion at the deepest level – and you know what’s real at that level, proceed to choose and follow that option.

Doing so, the Tao, your Tao, will start talking to you louder and clearer – this because it feels you being more receptive to your natural instincts and hence with less guile and rational thought obscuring your innocent shining spirit – it will feel you being more like a child, its child and wants to be in communication with its child – and it will guide you on the merriest of adventures, with the most splendid possible outcomes for you and everyone involved in your world.

There isn’t a better reframe game to play in fact.

Wish: you are led to a scenario of such unprecedented splendour and magnificence it clean takes your breath away.

Love, D

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