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Following the Tao

Now this notion of following the Tao

sounds pretty fine, the question is how.

They talked about investing in loss,

Those sages of old who are now nothing but dust:

Loss of contrivance, loss of agenda,

Getting drunk on life, enjoying a bender;

Loss of vaingloriousness

To the point of notoriousness,

Being courageous,

And perhaps more crucially, being outrageous,

in not following convention,

but in setting up an intention

For life to be beautiful,

Then following their fascination rather than being dutiful.

And without stress or worry

Or any tendency to fluster or hurry

they found life bestowing its blessings in a bountful flurry.

To do so

they had to keep their chi low

by collecting it in their belly

and to view every experience without preference as if they were just watching telly.

They eschewed the personal for the broader-view perspective

and understood self-defeating beliefs and feelings were only elective,

They understood they had no obligation

to subject themselves to internal interrogation

and so left their minds free

to appreciate chi.

They avoided self-importance and vainglorious notions

and observed rather than react to their changing emotions.

They knew this all was just a story

in all its beautiful gory glory,

so devoted themselves to helping others

and so stood in good relation to all sisters and brothers

with whom they consorted

or at least that's the way the story's reported.

For all we know,

the typical sage may have just been a neurotic so and so.

Somehow I doubt that could be true though.

In any case

to help you face

this Taoist method of attaining optimum pleasure

here's a poem to read at your leisure.

To be read aloud or under your breath six times a day

as appropriate, by way

of reciting affirmations,

As it will help you with all your consternations.

It's gender specific

so it'll be terrific

if you now choose one

as that tends to make things easier and a lot more fun.

The king/queen of no matter what – a short poem by Barefoot Doctor :–

I'm the king/queen of no matter what

no matter what's in or not in my pot

whether there's a little or

whether a lot

because I'm the king/queen of no matter what.

I'm the king/queen of no matter what

just as I find myself here on this spot

no matter the storyline, no matter the plot

I'm the king/queen of no matter what.

And though challenges arise and events may stir me

it won't deter me

from taking a shot

Because I'm the king/queen of no matter what.

I'm the king/queen of no matter what

no matter what I have or haven't got

no matter whether fortune blows cold or hot

That's why I'm the king/queen of no matter what.

------------------------------ ||---------------------------- ----

Now I don't know if that edified you

For all I know it may have stupefied you

I don't know if it gave you clarity on investing in loss,

or if you even give a toss.

But I do know if you give some time

to reciting the rhyme,

It'll trigger a flow of enlightenment and bring blessings your way

And that's really all I have to say...

At least for today.

Thanks for reading, your energy is vital.

Love, strength, splendor and CHI!

From that man of the Tao, they give the title,

The D

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