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Following Your Energy From Miracle To Miracle

There’s a tendency when engaging seriously in any self-development process, of moderating your behaviour to accommodate what you believe a person should be behaving like who’s engaged in self-development. You learn about compassion, calmness, centeredness and so on and pull yourself up whenever you feel your behaviour is falling short of the mark.

Rather than come at it from this angle however, perhaps far more value is gained by forgetting about how you’re behaving (within reason, obviously always maintaining respect for the sanctity of others in all ways), and instead focusing on how you’re feeling at your core.

Always identify with your core energy rather than your surface and you’ll conserve far more élan vital in all ways and achieve way better results in life. Your core energy will always lead you right.

So if you find yourself running on ego and adrenalin, let yourself run that way. Don’t try and stop it, merely observe. Then focus in on your core energy – the sensation of fascination occurring in your belly and chest, particularly around your spine and let that lead you, turn by turn through the day.

As soon as you do, all ego and inner speed falls away of itself and the divine within you, your Tao, takes over.

If your core energy could hear us talking about this right now in fact it would laugh. It would wonder how you could have ever forgotten that your core energy is actually who you are, hence why on earth would you need to read this now?

Well, as we all know so well, from the time we first start processing information as babies, the mind becomes progressively distracted by the exponentially multiplying complex series of details comprising the external world.

We start off totally attuned to our core energy. That’s all we know at the start of life.

But gradually layer upon layer of external reality wraps itself around us, requiring energy from the core to sustain. And before we know it, usually by the time we’ve had a few years of school, we’ve all but forgotten the core, forgotten who we are, so buried is it in the mind’s need to uphold the internal dialogue about external reality at all costs.

But in fact all you have to do to regain the active connection with your core energy is to stop for a moment, shrug your shoulders, drop the burden of your accumulated life story and breathe.

As you breathe, acknowledge to yourself that the baby you once were is still who you are – it never went off anywhere, you just grew rings round it like the rings of a tree trunk.

Allow yourself to float back to the baby state within you, before your mind got busy deciphering the complex coding of external world.

And just be.

Just being, just for a few moments like this and you’ll start becoming aware of your spine, stretching up from your tailbone to the base of your brain.

Imagine your spine wrapped in a fat sheath of white-gold light, spinning around your spine at the speed of light and as it spins around your spine, let yourself feel the energy coming off it, radiating outwards to all parts of you and even beyond into all parts of your life.

This is your core energy.

Be who you are. Go with your energy. Be mindful as you go. And you’ll be led spontaneously from one miracle to the next.

Access it like this any time you like. And if even just for a second or so at a time, provided you keep doing it regularly and frequently, over time, you’ll find yourself supercharged and unshakable pretty much most of the time from now on.

Which is precisely my special wish for you: a perpetually supercharged, unshakable state, starting right now.

Love, B

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