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Free Of Self-Combustion

Knowing when your body is raised up to its full length and breadth in any one moment, your spirits are raised and amplified likewise and being so, you attract more blessings in the course of a day or night, is one thing. Practising it is another. To make it easier and hence more useable and effective, it pays to develop shorthand commands to the body, one of the most effective of which in this respect goes as follows.

Tune into your breastbone. Without moving anything else at all – keeping your shoulders where they are, your spine where it is and so on, use your mind to raise your breastbone by the differential of approximately one plumb – a little bit, in other, less zany words. Notice immediately how your spine has to lengthen, your shoulders have to drop and broaden and your breathing has to deepen to accommodate the movement. Don’t fight this. To the contrary, go with it for all it’s worth but keep your concentration on raising your breastbone and you’ll notice if awake to your feelings, that you feel instantly uplifted, cheerful and released from the tendency towards glumness.

Then it’s a simple matter of recalling how efficacious this technique is and remembering to re-enact it at every turn.

If you can spend the majority of today and tonight with your breastbone raised (in a relaxed rather than obsessive way), your day will be so profoundly existentially merry, you’ll find it hard not to spontaneously combust in peals of laughter.

I wish you a day free of self-combustion on any count, and one in which you are surprised and delighted by a series of magnificent outcomes you weren’t expecting.

Love, Barefoot

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