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Free up your laughter capacity

Your diaphragm tenses proportionate to how seriously you’re taking things. So if you check your facial expression and discover a dearth of smile, you’ll inevitably also spot your diaphragm and solar plexus region in general is relatively seized up.

Conversely by manually liberating the region in question, your simultaneously initiate a freeing up of the sense of humor, leading shortly thereafter to random eruptions of spontaneous laughter, often from deep in the belly, where it counts.

To effect which, visualize yourself laughing at the joke of life like a Buddha on laughing gas and as you do, place the fingers of your best hand on your solar plexus (directly below the bottom of the breastbone) and ever so gently start pushing inwards, using the palm of the other hand to add weight to the back of the first hand.

Keep pushing, visualizing the laughing Buddha all the while, past layer upon layer of resistance, using the exhalation to help it along and keep pushing until the whole universe is but a hand pushing into a belly, which happens to be yours.

Then, and not a moment sooner, release the pressure and return to the everyday state with all parts of you present and correct.

Forget all about it and within an hour or so, something or someone will set you off and you’ll be laughing all the way to bed tonight.

I wish you perpetual laughter ringing in your heart, soul and inner ear, Dear reader.

Love, B

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