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Fundamental awareness

Do things excellently simply for doing them excellently, not for acclaim or reward, yet stay mindful of there being a reward, which is to love being in the moment, doing what you’re doing, because it comprises moments of the biggest miracle in existence: you being alive.

Like this you bless each moment, thus making good use of every opportunity, by both spiritualizing the material plane and materializing the spiritual.

Doing so your capacity for accommodating the fruits of life grows, because you are never replete with self-importance or greed and thus always with space to receive more.

Let every act you commit today be an act of communing with the presence informing all reality including you. With every exhalation give thanks for being alive. With every inhalation, let life feed you.

Returning frequently to this fundamental awareness and your life will produce a run of serendipities that will rouse your utmost existential glee.

That’s one definition of success.

Wish: you feel the simplicity of each moment now and through the weekend and without grasping attain ownership of your world.

Love, D

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