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Gaining stature

While people around you are undergoing hard times and the air progressively fills with the smell of negativity, it’s your obligation as a warrior, an awake being attuned to the light within, to access that light and radiate it as strength and courage for everyone.

If enough of us get in the habit of doing this now, we can actually change the entire situation, for undoubtedly, the source of crisis is a major wobble of confidence on a global scale and confidence is an entirely psycho-emotional phenomenon. It’s like fashion – one minute it’s all flares, the next it’s all drainpipes. We have to take it upon ourselves to instigate a new fashion for the mind now – one that has people being optimistic and confident that only the highest good will prevail if we each spare a modicum of energy connecting with the light within and visualizing it radiating to the whole world as strength and confidence on a daily basis.

If everyone on earth is a manifestation and expression of the Tao, the unseen pattern, imagine how happy we’ll make the Tao by triggering such a shift.

Most of the suffering is unnecessary. It arises from stupidity of those who cause suffering to others and stupidity of us ourselves in driving ourselves half-crazy running negative worry-scripts in our heads instead of relaxing and enjoying the thrill of simply being alive come what may.

Access the power of that thrill now – that’s the light within – see it shine bright – brighter and brighter until all the world is lit up by it. See 6.6 billion people walking tall and joyful. It can happen.

I wish you to feel taller and more joyful than ever before in your life today.

Love, Doc

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