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Gaining Stature

You know those moments, the sudden unexpected plunge of the plane as it falls off an air pocket, or in the dread dead of night when you get woken up from a disturbing dream or can’t sleep for indigestion, or when your strength fails you for whatever reason, those moments you find yourself skirting close to infinity, when the illusion of the permanence of daily life is seen skimpier than the most diaphanous veil, and how it’s always such a relief once they've passed and you’ve managed to lose yourself back into the illusion?

Well, as potentially scary as these moments are, they’re actually a message from home, your real home, the mothership, reminding you that what you are is much, much bigger than the version you invest in on the everyday realm and as such, must be welcomed and embraced.

Embracing your own mortality of course doesn’t preclude feeling fearful simultaneously, but that’s only feeling fearful and has no actual significance, other than the significance you give it. So when you receive the blessing of a reminder you’re not going to live forever in this present form, welcome it, at least as a reminder to stop wasting time trying to fit into someone else’s mould or trying to live someone else’s dream for you. Live your own dream, create your own mould.

And let your dream be as vivid and far-reaching as it can possibly be, let the mould be as big as the universe, for that’s how big you really are.

And include it being that big and vivid for everyone in your world.

By and by, we’ll all realize we are but expressions of the divine nature, the Tao, in human form.

Like this the Tao will know itself through all of us.

None of us knows where this will lead or what effect it will produce.

But it’s where the thrust of consciousness is leading us, so it’s really the only game in town anyway and we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going with it rather than resisting it.

Wish: you let go now and remember how big you really are and in that state manifest something truly huge and wonderful this very day.

Love, Doc

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