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Generating a surge of strength in the body

In the centre of the ball of each foot is an energy point called the bubbling well, which serves as a conduit to allow the kinetic power of the earth (traveling at 66,000 mph around the sun and spinning on its own axis at 1,000 mph even as we speak), to surge into your body.

By placing your feet flat on the floor, either sitting or standing but easier to feel sitting, raising your insteps while keeping the balls of the feet and heels flat on the floor and then feeling as if you’re turning the bubbling wells inwards towards each other, like turning two wheels that lie on the horizontal plane towards each other, you’ll notice a subtle tensile strength surge up the outsides of your legs into the outsides of your hips, into your shoulders and along the outsides of your arms as well as the moving upwards and into the sides of your face and head.

Turn the wheels inwards and release, turn them inwards and release, alternately and rhythmically nine times. Then relax and breathe slowly for three breaths before reentering the everyday state.

Within moments you’ll feel a notable increase of physical strength. Repeat once an hour for maximum effect.

Next, this is the perfect balance to the above and won’t take you a moment to get as it’s exactly the same except for turning your bubbling wells outwards (turn and release alternately and rhythmically nine times in a row), which pumps a stream of tensile strength up the insides of the legs into the pelvic floor and up the thrusting channel, which runs up the core, along the sides of the spine. Let it travel no higher than the heart, however. This is important to avoid pushing too much chi into the upper parts and in any case these moves must be practiced gently and respectfully rather than attempting to force the chi.

Within moments you’ll feel so solid at your core that nothing or no one could possibly wobble you.

And if you combine the two directions and even alternate the inward and outward turns, the effect will be sublime.

I wish you absolute freedom from wobblesomeness and absolute steadiness of nerve this day and night.

Love, B

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